Container around a data.table::data.table which stores all performed function calls of the Objective and the associated mlr3::BenchmarkResult.

$benchmark_result stores a mlr3::BenchmarkResult which contains the mlr3::ResampleResult of all performed function calls. The mlr3::BenchmarkResult is connected to the data.table::data.table via the uhash column.

Technical details

The data is stored in a private .data field that contains a data.table::data.table which logs all performed function calls of the ObjectiveFSelect. This data.table::data.table is accessed with the public $data() method. New values can be added with the $add_evals() method. This however is usually done through the evaluation of the FSelectInstanceSingleCrit or FSelectInstanceMultiCrit by the FSelector.

Super class

bbotk::Archive -> ArchiveFSelect

Public fields


Stores benchmark result.


Public methods

Inherited methods

Method clone()

The objects of this class are cloneable with this method.


ArchiveFSelect$clone(deep = FALSE)



Whether to make a deep clone.